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Our parent company is Lun-Drain, a commercial landscape, agricultural and industrial fabric and drainage manufacturer and supplier. We manufacture our namesake Lun-Drain and provide the erosion control, soil stabilization, roadbed lining and weed blocking fabric on a commercial level, through a network of installer/distributors. This part of the business has nothing to do with your business except that the waste materials from our industrial fabrics are now being recycled into Puddle Blocker garage mats. When our current customer orders a nine foot wide roll of soil stabilization mat the six feet off the end is considered waste, as a roll is fifteen feet wide. We either send it off to be reground or, for the last sixteen months, we turn it into Puddle Blocker. If we take a standard 9-ounce per square yard polypropylene non-woven or needle-punched woven geotextile and put it through our polyvinyl undercoater it gives us a very durable, very inexpensive, flexible mat that will separate petroleum based products from water through natural wicking processes and the hydrophobic nature of the plastic substrate. The water travels up and out on the fibrous matrix while the oils are trapped down in the matrix. The polyvinyl backing is oil and acid resistant and has a tacky additive to provide excellent slip resistance. We started manufacturing Puddle Blocker in late 2006 and to date have moved nearly 10,000 units through just a few high end automotive catalogs and on eBay. Because the material we begin with is already considered waste, and we are only able to do this because of the scale of Lun-Drain's fabric brokerage, the retail cost per square yard has already been absorbed and Puddle Blocker is offered at a price that similar, inferior products cannot begin to compete with. Puddle Blocker base material is less expensive so higher quality material may be used and still not cost us what are competitors pay. We have black and gray immediately available. We roll, label and wrap right here in our Hodges plant, our material never leaves South Carolina from start to finish. Stand alone case cartons are available and we have an in house graphic artist now, the sample you got was labeled before she came on board. We have units ranging in size from 3'x5' to 10'x20' and can go up 12' in width. Lun-Drain is a small, family owned business. We have the flexibility to make your sizes custom to you, even to private label them, if you choose.

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